Class of ’80 Gift Fund

To Contribute To Our Class Gift Fund:


  • Go to
  • Scroll down to “Class of ’80 Gift Fund”. The “Class of ’80 Gift Fund will be automatically filled in under “Select Account”.
  • Add in a dollar amount to the “Amount” box or choose one of the preset amounts.

  • Fill in name, Class year and contact individual & “I’m giving as an individual”.
  • Fill in your credit card information

  • Create an online giving account by checking the box if you want one. For payments over time, you must create an online giving account.

  • Choose whether you want a “one-time gift” or to pay over time.
  • If you work for a Matching Gift company, please check that box to multiply the impact of your gift. Fill in the name of your employer. If you want more info on the form you need to submit to your employer, click on “Click here to find your company.” and fill in your company name. Details will appear in a pop-up window.
  • If you already have a pledge set up, click this box and fill in the pledge number.
    Note: If you have a pledge set up already, there is no need to fill out a pledge card. This will only cause you to have two separate pledges.


  • You can also choose to honor someone with your gift by checking that box and filling in the information.
  • Click on “Review your Gift” and look over all your information. Hit “Submit” if everything is OK.
  • A confirmation number will appear on the screen and a receipt will be emailed to you.
  • Jump up and say:
    Whoop! I just helped fund Class of ’80 Gifts to Texas A&M University!