Grace Piper ’20

Our 2017-20 President’s Endowed Scholarship Recipient

Grace Piper

Grace Piper ’20 was our 2017-20 PES recipient. Read the following note from Grace:

My name is Grace Piper and I will be a Freshman at Texas A&M University. I chose to come to Texas A&M for the opportunity to play soccer at the NCAA Division 1 level as well as earn a major and lead toward a graduate degree in the field of study that I hope to pursue in the future. I am majoring in biomedical sciences which I will continue into Veterinary school once I finish with my undergraduate degree. As a college athlete, I am so excited to represent the maroon in white on the field, while also maintaining a high standard in the classroom and earning my degree. I am very interested in the veterinary field because it will lead me towards my dream job which is to help animals and people simultaneously. This scholarship is very beneficial to me as it will help me in my first 4 years and prepare me for my next 4.