Lucas Crockett ’21


Memorial Endowed Opportunity Award Recipient Lucas Crockett ’21


Howdy! Class of ’80. My name is Lucas Crockett. I grew up in Georgetown, Texas as the youngest of three brothers in a highly competitive academic and athletic environment. In order to have more flexibility with schedules, my parents home-schooled me from the fifth grade onward. Despite being home-schooled, I was still able to compete on a basketball, cross-country, and track team. While growing up, I volunteered to help with meals on wheels and with a tutoring program at my church. As l began high school, l began volunteering for an international non-profit humanitarian aid organization. Growing up, I participated in athletics and humanitarian programs. Looking forward as l pursue a degree in electrical engineering, I hope to acquire a comfortable job that will allow me to continue participating in different athletics as well as helping better my community through volunteering.