E. King Gill Statue Relocation and Rally

Photos from the Class of '80 E. King Gill Statue Rally held October 11, 2014:



Read letters regarding the Statue Relocation:

"Recently, student leaders were approached to share our opinions regarding the relocation of the E. King Gill statue necessitated by ongoing redevelopment efforts of Kyle Field and the surrounding area. Ryan Trantham ’15, the 65th MSC President, served as the student point-of-contact for the Class of ’80, who donated the statue as a class gift.

As student leaders, we believe that it is of upmost importance that the new location of the E. King Gill statue be a place where Aggies and visitors to our campus will have a chance to interact with this representation of the Twelfth Man…Read More of this letter from Ryan Trantham '16, MSC President and Kyle Kelly '15, Student Body President


"The Kyle Field Redevelopment project necessitaties the relocation of the E. King Gill Statue currently located in the North Plaza of Kyle Field.  In conjucntion with the origingal donor of the statue, the Class of 1980, it is proposed that the statue be relocated to Rudder Fountain…Read More of this letter from Eric Hyman, Athletic Director and Tom Reber, Assoc. VP for Student Affairs


Below is a photo timeline of the August 18, 2014 Statue Relocation: